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Concrete Additions in Waco

Are you looking for a durable and elegant way to finish your foundations, driveways, flatwork or patios? Waco Concrete Service remains at the forefront of the concrete production industry with the Concrete Additions, delivering unrivaled solutions and reliable products that improve the performance of concrete in every corner of the world. We understand that innovation is the key to success. Our global network of experts in the field of chemistry is constantly working on the development of the industry through new products and solutions that provide high quality and economic benefits for concrete producers (prefabricated, from the ready mix, prepared in the area of performance.

Waco Concrete Service will certainly meet your expectations. Its steel color and noble appearance of natural stones beautifully correlate with the greenery of the plants surrounding the courtyards and gardens. For this reason, the product is also willingly used to create paths on properties. Check also other terrace tiles of this brand.

Laying your garden path, driveway or terrace with print concrete means that you have the choice of various finishing options. A floor that has the authentic appearance of natural stone, a contemporary terrace with large floor tiles, a driveway of cobbles or clinkers: both in terms of the type of stone and the color, print concrete offers you a wide choice. With print concrete you let your floor fit perfectly with your taste and living style.

The fast placement of print concrete in Waco

A wide range of colors and motifs, user-friendly maintenance, but also fast installation is what makes print concrete so interesting. We first pour the concrete into a formwork. When it is stiffening, we place the mold on it (with a print of your choice). Your driveway or terrace in concrete (print concrete) can be walked on once the concrete has hardened. Usually it takes only half to one day!

Waco Concrete: your central contact partner

Do you want to build your terrace or driveway with print concrete? Then Waco Concrete Service takes care of this job down to the last detail. We guarantee a neat, careful finish of the entire project: we prepare your terrace or driveway for the works, we pour the floor into print concrete, we lay the lawn again if necessary, we work the edges nicely … In short, we ensure that the end result is allowed – fully tailored to your wishes.

It is worth emphasizing the specific character of the place, which is the terrace, and clearly separate it from other surfaces finished with similar material – especially if it is paving stones. We can achieve this by: diversifying the levels of the terrain, introducing a different pattern of laying the cubes or non-uniform coloring of the surface. Thanks to this, both us and our guests will feel comfortable. We can easily distinguish a place of rest from the communication space adjacent to the terrace.

An interesting variation of the concrete surface is the enrichment of its elements made of a material other than concrete – for example wood, gravel, brick or stone. Such simple combinations surprisingly change and enrich the terrace.

Of course, you can also combine different types of concrete elements: paving stones and slabs. Always remember about the mind. It’s best to put together no more than two or three materials and colors at the same time.

If you are looking for concrete work then you can immediately request a free quote. But even if you would like some more information about print concrete, we are at your service at Waco Concrete Service. Our contact number is 254-870-8974.